The End of Place As We Know It.

This September I am taking part in an ASLE-UKI conference, titled ‘The End of Place As We Know It: Shifting Perspectives on Literature and Place‘ at the University of Strathclyde. I’m presenting a paper based on one of my final year undergraduate dissertations, and it will test out some of the thinking behind my work-in-progress PhD research proposal.

TitledĀ Physical Places, Psychedelic Spaces: Drugs, creation, and the right to the landscape, my paper engages with Ben Wheatley’s 2013 filmĀ A Field in England and explores it in light of Henri Lefebvre’s ‘right to the city’. I ask the question, can psychedelics be used as an act of cultural creation to resignify the body and use it to renegotiate the bounds of hegemonic bourgeois power?

Organised by Rune Graulund as part of the ASLE-UKI, the conference is being held from Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th of September. I am presenting in the ‘Heterotopic/Alternative Place’ panel on the Thurdsay and, aside from general excitement about the conference, I am also looking forward to being in Scotland for the referendum vote.

A Field In England artwork, by Luke Insect

A Field In England artwork, by Luke Insect


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