TiB Radio Show

Here is a complete archive of the Tripping in Babylon radio show, complete with a rough transcript, list of songs, link to a Spotify playlist, and a player to listen to the show online. You will find them in chronological order, listed by date and showing their theme.


Episode one – ‘Turn on. Tune in. Drop Out.’ part 1. 

TiB radio – Ep.1 transcript


Episode two – ‘Turn on. Tune in. Drop out.’ part 2

TiB radio – Ep.2 transcript


Episode three – ‘Turn on. Freak out. Get beaten.’

TiB radio – Ep.3 transcript


In this episode, I also discussed the work of Dr. James Riley, an old supervisor of mine, and mentioned his talk, The Bad Trip: Film, Counterculture, and the Death of the Sixities. You can find that talk here, and check out his blog, Residual Noise, here.


Episode four – ‘The Hacienda must be built.‘ part 1

TiB radio – Ep.4 transcript


In this episode, after the previous week’s discussion of his research, Dr. James Riley joined me on the show for a discussion about ‘The Hacienda’ club in Manchester. Links to his blog Residual Noise can be found above under ‘Episode Three’.


Episode five – ‘The Hacienda must be built.‘ part 2

TiB radio – Ep.5 transcript


Episode six – ‘Painting the festival space…

TiB radio – Ep.6 transcript


Episode seven – ‘My mind on my money and my money on my mind?’

TiB radio – Ep.7 transcript


In this episode, I was joined by Alfie Lambert, who joined me for a discussion about hip-hop and the drug culture. The discussion covered topics including the parallels between the ‘legitimate’ practices of American business and ‘illegitimate’ business practices of the drug culture, and hints at an attempt to rebalance a racially skewed economic playing field.


Episode eight – ‘Hallucination Generation’

TranscripTiB radio – Ep.8 transcript


3 responses to “TiB Radio Show

  1. Listening to your first show at last, George! Loving it! I really don’t know anything about drug culture, but I’ve recognised the first three songs of the show so far – some of the tunes I grew up hearing on the radio. 🙂


  2. You have a new fangirl, George. You have a PERFECT voice for radio!


  3. FavFan

    Great music choices and reminded me of my ‘coming of age’ keep up the absolutely fantastic work!!


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